Palmarosa essential oils 10ml Prevent wrinkles Moisturize skin Prevent skin aging 100 pure essential oil Z31 in Essential Oil from Beauty Health

Palmarosa essential oils 10ml Prevent wrinkles Moisturize skin Prevent skin aging 100 pure essential oil Z31 in Essential Oil from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Item Type: Essential Oil

Ingredient: Palmarosa

Brand Name: vickywinson

Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil

Model Number: Z31

The main efficacy 
One of the players the necessary ten kinds of essential oil. In the bubble foot of hot water the grass a few drops of rose essential oil, can achieve the purpose of invigorate the circulation of channels and collaterals, also can achieve the result of removing beriberi smelly feet. 
The skin effect 
Suitable for flushing water skin, acne skin, balance sebum secretion, to form the natural water film on the surface of the skin, played an excellent moisturizing effect; And geranium or lavender essential oils to reconcile the use of dry scalp provide very good moisturizing effect; Promote skin cell regeneration, solve the common skin infection. 
The physiological effect of 
Antibacterial, antiviral, sterilization, promote cells regeneration, have a good effect of high temperature, thus it can be effective antiviral effect, is the medicine of the digestive system, have good inhibitory effect to intestinal parasitic pathogens, strengthen the muscles of the stomach, stimulate appetite and help nerve that lasts. 
The psychological effect of 
Calm mood, but also have boosted effect, still can make person six clean, refreshing. 
2 the magic formula 
1, moisturizing activating massage oil: jojoba oil 10 ml + rose 3 drops + grass sandalwood 3 + frankincense 3 drops 
2, moisturizing anti wrinkle massage oil, jojoba oil, 5 ml + 5 ml + incense and sweet almond oil 5 + rosewood 3 drops + 2 drops of rose grass 
After 3, anti-bacterial infection: massage ear, neck and shoulders back, can ease cold fever head dizzy discomfort. The basal oil 5 ml grass + 5 drops of rose essential oil 
3 with essential oils 
Bergamot, lemongrass, geranium, jasmine, lavender, lime, vanilla, sweet orange, sour orange leaves, roses, rosewood, sandalwood, violets, ylang. 

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