multlayer ultra translucency UT ML zirconia block test price in Teeth Whitening from Beauty Health

multlayer ultra translucency UT ML zirconia block test price in Teeth Whitening from Beauty Health

Product Specification

Brand Name: NAGY

Model Number: UT+ML Amman

Ingredient: zirconia

NET WT: 240g-440g

Item Type: Teeth Whitening

Size: Moderate

color: A1-D4

translucency: 49%

Strength: ≥700Mpa

Indication: crown, bridges


UT multilayer is star product of Beautyzir. when you need to give your doctor a life-like anterior crown, UT+ML is good choice. it can provide crystal clear and transparent as well sa glass ceramic.




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Ultra Translucent Multi Layer Zirconia UT-ML. Certified Viva UTML zirconia allows the processing of cases with exceptional aesthetic. With 557 Mpa, the ...


The Ultra Translucent (or UT) is intended for full contour monolithic use and has ... Anatomically reduced restorations up to 3 units; Translucent multi-layer; 30% ...

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UTML Ultra Translucent Multi-Layered / 550 MPa Flexural Strength ... KATANA™ Zirconia ST/UT series discs come in 98.5mm diameters in different thicknesses.

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itional tetragonal zirconia are layered ... Fig 4 (a) Multilayered, HT zirconia offers the possibility of using the cut-back ... troduced: cubic ultra-translucent (UT).

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KZ_293x165_PF_00_150216_1NK コピー

Translucent multi layer. U series UT Ultra Translucent / UTML Ultra Translucent Multi Layered. "KATANA" and "Cerabien" are trademarks of Noritake Co., Ltd.


KATANA Zirconia UTML is so translucent that light reaches the original tooth color, bringing you ... Made possible by the KATANA Zirconia Multi-Layered series.

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Jan 1, 2019 ... High-translucent zirconia is a newly introduced ceramic which enables .... to 1200 MPa) and cubic ultra-translucent (UT) zirconia (500 to 800 MPa). .... strength of monolithic translucent zirconia and porcelain-layered zircônia.

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We Bioceramics provides super clear PMMA fit for high speed CAD/CAM ... multlayer super translucency UT+Multilayer/ST+multilayer dental zirconia block.

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UT multilayer discs and blocks are made of zirconium Oxide(Y-TZP ZrO2) for dental applicaition.It is a reliable zirconia material which can be milled for Anterior ...

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ArgenZ ST is a super translucent multi-layered material with seven blended layers .... Kuraray America KATANA™ Zirconia ST & UT for Anterior Restorations.

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Full Strength, Super Translucency. Ideal for Both Anterior & Posterior. Beyond + Multi-layered discs have More Intense chroma in the cervical AND decreasing ...

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... pre-shaded and multi-layer with High Translucent(HT), Super Translucent(ST) and Ultra Translucent(UT), etc, compatible with various manual and automatic ...

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Jul 6, 2015 ... A look into the NEW Super Translucent MultI Layered and Ultra Translucent Multi Layered Zirconia Disks from Kuraray Noritake Dental.

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